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Excise duties software

We provide a fiscal management of Excise duties outsourcing service. This outsourced service is adjusted to provide a considerable financial saving in human resources and to guarantee a security in this matter.

Our computer software has been developed by Hitsein and it is under continuous evolution for its improvement. In this sense, our staff takes care of the fulfilling of all the obligations of the holder of the establishment.

The customer just has to introduce inputs and outputs of the products (manually or automatically) and we’ll handle the rest.

The application has been installed in our server and the customer access it through our website, in a safely way, by just introducing the username and password.

Excise duties are indirect taxes or tributes that revert in the consumption of certain products, which may be controlled from the moment of manufacture, or import, to the delivery at final consumer.

During this process, products may remain inside factories, fiscal deposits or fiscal warehouses, which are responsible of tax keeping, for what specialized staff and specific informatics applications are required.

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