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Legal services

At Hitsein we have a team of lawyers who are specially trained to offer advice, propose solutions, accompany clients and provide legal defense in any situation that may arise during the procedures involved in foreign and domestic trade.

Our lawyers receive continuous training, write notes to provide information to clients, prepare reports on request, and prepare and process as many questions as necessary for the different authorities.

At Hitsein we offer extensive services to the hydrocarbons sector, covering biofuels, fluorinated gases and alcoholic beverages.

Legal defense
  • A range of claims and appeals
  • Economic/administrative claims
  • Litigation/administrative appeals
  • Appeals to intermediate appellate courts
Legal services
  • Issuing opinions and reports
  • Issuing brief notes on regulatory developments
  • Drafting and processing inquiries with public authorities
  • Advice on regulations related to the Hydrocarbons and Biofuels sector
Regulations of hydrocarbons sectors
  • CORES – Spanish oil stockholding agency
  • MINETAD – Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda
  • CNMC – National Markets and Competition Commission
  • SICBIOS – Certification system for biofuels and other renewable energy sources for transport purposes
  • Biofuels
Administrative authorizations processing
  • Wholesale operator for oil products
  • Storage
Filling and submission of relevant CORES (Spanish Corporation of Strategic Reserves) documents
Filling and submission of SICBIOS (Biofuel and other renewable fuels certification system) declaration

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